Maintain Your Equipment

When you're open seven days a week, running 12 hours a day or more, your operation is under heavy demand. Equipment breakdowns must be avoided.


MLG offers a variety of services to the food service provider. Ranging from parts to full stainless wraps, MLG can provide it. With years of service to some of the top big-chain warehouse stores, MLG can get the job done. Successful food courts rely on some basic principles; high quality ingredients, state of the art equipment, spotless food prep areas and dedicated personnel. MLG can help you with maintaining the highest quality food service through its variety of services. These include: complete parts for most food service equipment, accessories, stainless components including special order items, wall coverings and custom fabrication.


Refurbish Service

Steam tables that run for hours a day seven days a week experience heavy wear and abuse. Costly breakdowns hurt your bottom line. We offer complete refurbish of most popular styles of H&K and CRAIG steam tables. A full refurbish replaces pans, heating elements, switches, gaskets, fittings, compressors (if needed), hoses, thermostats, handles, casters, cleaning, welding and repainting as needed. MLG can even supply you with a loaner unit while your old one is being repaired. For those stores located in our current service area of Central and Southern CA, we are available to send a service technician onsite to make your repairs.

Remodeling Service

Food court starting to show its age? Counter tops cracking and chipped? FRP panels yellowing from heat and grime? Cover your aging counter tops with heavy duty stainless steel wraps. Stainless provides a surface impervious to food, grease, cleaning agents and can handle the high volume placed on todays food courts. MLG provides a full range of stainless steel wall panels and sheeting to cover, corners, pole wraps, splash guards, oven walls, stainless ceiling tiles, counter tops and more.

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BEFORE: Existing counter top (Corian surface) at Cochella Valley, #441 Coscto was showing evidence of age

AFTER: Counter top sheathed in a
high grade stainless wrap

Stainless wall panels added behind commercial oven to protect wall from heat and grease and to facilitate cleaning.
Example of stainless steel hose and soda line covers in a Costco soda dispensing center. These covers shield and protect the exposed lines supplying the ice machines and the soda dispensers.
BEFORE: Exposed main feed lines for the soda dispensers at a Costco AFTER: Fabricated metal covers for the main feed lines for the soda
dispensers at a Costco.
Cosmetic stainless door cover in upscale restaurant. BEFORE: Main entry door to
Costco food court.
AFTER: H/D stainless skin added to protect door from damage caused by food service carts.
Aluminum diamond plate shields provide cosmetic appeal providing concealment and protection of exposed service lines in Costco receiving, membership, and tire center warehouse areas.
BEFORE: Condiment tables in food court area before hanging. Existing table legs are unsightly and trap dirt and food debris making it hard to keep clean. Also, unsecured stainless steel tables are prone to theft from metal scavengers. AFTER: Condiment tables have had their legs removed and the tables secured with custom brackets to the wall. This allows for easier cleaning, is cosmetically appealing and reduces the possibility of theft. NOTE the all-stainless back splash, another MLG speciality, which is impervious to water and easier to clean than the standard FRP installation.
Custom stainless steel back-panel replaced the existing glass panels on the rotisserie chicken warming rack in local Costco.