It began with a hot dog.

It all started with one hot dog cart, one location, good prices and a desire to provide tasty food to the public.


MLG was started in 1990 when the company purchased a small vending cart and set up shop outside one of the big-box home improvement stores. By selling hot dogs, soft drinks, churros, and snacks MLG established itself as a reliable source of good food at a reasonable price. Expansion followed when locally based Price Club stores requested food equipment to provide a quick snack for their shopping customers. The convenient accessability to a quick snack while shopping was an instant success. Increased volume of the food service to these outlets led MLG to provide not only the stores own equipment but the need to service it as well. This created the opportunity MLG has today which has expanded its business to include a variety of services to food chains. From a simple replacement part for a steam table to a full stainless steel enclosure in a kitchen area MLG has provided a solution for high-volume food service vendors.